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In the autumn of 2015, Citylife Nottingham was founded in a student house in Lenton, Nottingham. As international students ourselves, we had the feeling that there was a community for internationals missing in Nottingham!

It was our goal to create something unique for every international in Nottingham and integrate everyone in our big Citylife family. Whether students need help on what to do in Nottingham, looking for accommodation, cultural experiences, parties or travel opportunities – everyone is welcome at Citylife!

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We offer everything what you need. Have a look at our services:

  • Trips

    Discover the UK, Europe and Africa with us on our Citylife trips

  • Parties

    Have the best international parties in town

  • Housing

    Find your place to live in a Citylife accommodation

  • Activities

    Make new friends at our free social activities

Meet the Citylife Team

Guide & Entertainer

Hi there! I am Seb and I am one of the guys running Citylife Nottingham for the last months! I am from Germany and...

Guide & Booking Manager

Hallo! My name is Simon and I am one of the event organizers at Citylife Nottingham! I am from Germany and currently finishing a...

Entertainer & Party King

Hi there! I am Max, the frenchie of the team. I landed in Nottingham in January 2015. Before being the self-proclaimed party king of...


We want to be your #1 events organisation for international students!

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